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Here is where you can check out GL!TCH's games and there news / tutorials / mods! You can also be linked to there IndieDB Pages and if it is a released game the download will be on the IndieDB page.

So without further hold back, go on and check em' out!

Out-Casts Chapter 1: Drinking and Driving

A story begins with 4 young offenders finishing there community service. As "Josh" gets in his car, a masked man jumps up from the back seats and points a gun to Josh's head. "Drive! Drive or I'll blow your brains out!" screams the man. Josh accelerates the car and drives the man where he wants to go... looks like he's a get away driver now...

Dungeon Crawler

A hero has been exiled from his home province. Forced to leave via boat he meets a ship and crew captain named jack. Jack sets this hero up with many quests, and journeys through dungeons, caverns, and forests. This hero is in it for the money at first, but as monsters grow stronger and people grow needy he saves this land from coming doom. Slay beasts, fight bosses, and murder monsters while going on your epic journey to save the land of "Huskmiel!" These people need a hero like you and Cap'n Jack's crew! Its time to remove the corruption, save the province, and step up the the satanic gods of the under world! Save. Them. All!

Life in Abar!

A short FPS Game taking place after the events of Dungeon Crawler. Abar has been rebuilt you have moved back into your new birch wood home and are here to live your life. But, something is a little different and you need to help find out what that is!